Sunday, May 31, 2020

Iwoke up one day and started researching different religions and philosophies searching for my creator. I looked for the earliest pieces of religion and philosophy I could find and then worked my way forward in time. What I found in the process is what made me a follower in Jesus Christ.

I can’t say as a child my Christian experience was much more than swinging by a church on major holidays a few times a year as a child. Eventually my experiences growing up and education had me scoff at the concept of the Bible and the possibilty anyone could die and return from the dead. My reality was based on concepts like the big bang theory and the evolution theory because science made much more sense than religion. Science was something I could respect because I could quantify and check the answers myself where religion relied on me blindly believing which I thought was ridiculous.

After some very unique experiences, I came to a desire challenge the Bible.

Here are some childish attempts I made to challenge the Bible during my early studies:

  • I tried to disprove the Bible by researching if the people in the stories acutally existed… That didn’t work.
  • I tried to disprove the Bible by demonstrating that it was like mythology and the events didn’t really happen… That didn’t work.
  • I tried to disprove the Bible by researching how it was written by the Romans to control weak minded people… That didn’t work.
  • I tried to disprove the Bible by proving that the only mention of Jesus Christ was in the Bible and never historically by non-Christian scholars… That didn’t work.
  • I tried to disprove the Bible by proving concepts like magic, angels and demons didn’t exist… As strange as it sounds, that didn’t work out either.

After all this research let me tell you first hand that the world is very strange and there is much more to know than you realize and aspects of our experience are happening on the spiritual plane.

I am not asking you to pretend to be “spiritual” because that is a waste of your time and mine. What I ask is that you are open minded to the possibility that you may have some “mental blindspots” in your knowledge as well as concepts you have memorized over time that simply aren’t true adding to those blindspots.

My method of discernment is simple:

  1. Introduce an idea.
  2. Cite resources explaining the concept.
  3. Provide a conclusion based on the citations of that concept.

If you feel inflamed by the information you hear please remember:

  1. I am just organizing information I have found and providing my reasoning as to what conclusions could be drawn from it.
  2. I do not believe in any form of biggotry, I see all people as equal.
  3. I believe any topic should be allowed to be discussed because that is how tyranny has historically reigned in the past so let’s not be fools to that.



Let the learning begin!

Jason Hogan,
Ezekiel 33:3 Founder