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Genesis Chapter 1 – 5

In this Bible study we examine the Book of Genesis from chapter 1 to 5. This video focuses on some of the early details of creation, the fall of man and when men began to worship themselves as gods before the flood.
The Story of Hanukkah HistoryThe Story of Hanukkah History

The Story of Hanukkah

Do you know the story of Hanukkah? Did you know that you can find the story of Hanukkah in the New Testament? Join us as we do a deep dive into the story of Hanukkah as well as explore the other 8 Holy Days mentioned throughout the Bible!
Bible Study – Exodus 7 – 9Bible Study – Exodus 7 – 9Exodus Chapter 7 – 9

Exodus Chapter 7 – 9

In this Bible Study we look at Exodus 7 - 9. Moses performs miracles on behalf of the LORD while the Pharaoh's heart is continually hardened by the LORD so He can display He is God to all the nations.
Exodus 13 – 15Exodus Chapter 13 – 15Exodus 13 – 15

Exodus Chapter 13 – 15

In this Bible Study we look at Exodus 13 - 15. Moses receives instructions from the LORD and consecrates all the first born sons to the LORD. We also see the details surrounding the Feast of Unleavened Bread and Passover.
Exodus 16 – 18Exodus Chapter 16 – 18Exodus 16 – 18

Exodus Chapter 16 – 18

In this Bible Study we look at Exodus 16 - 18. In this study we look at the Israelites as they live in the wilderness and the mana which fell from heaven, the rock that poured out water and much more!
Exodus 19 – 21Exodus 19 – 21Exodus Chapter 16 – 18Exodus Chapter 19 – 21Exodus Chapter 19 – 21Exodus Chapter 19 – 21

Exodus Chapter 19 – 21

In this Bible Study we look at Exodus 19 - 21. The LORD spoke to Moses from Mount Sinai and the people waited as Moses spoke to the LORD. Mount Sinai was covered with a thick cloud and gave Moses the Commandments
Exodus 22 – 24Exodus 22 – 24

Exodus Chapter 22 – 24

In this Bible Study we look at Exodus 22 - 24. The LORD provides Moses with instructions on a variety of moral situations and for the people to make no covenants with the people living in the land.
Exodus 28 – 30Exodus 28 – 30Exodus Chapter 28 – 30

Exodus Chapter 28 – 30

In this Bible Study we look at Exodus 28 - 30. The LORD provided Moses with instructions for ordaining Aaron and his sons as priests as well as how to prepare the altars for consecration to the LORD.