I happened to notice an interesting occurrence one day when examining a particular type of celestial alignment while learning some astrology. I had been studying symbolism in religion for many years and observed a great deal of overlap in religion.

After having  a look across a variety of religions I observed the concept of a “trinity” being a very repetitive theme. In Egypt it was no different and personally I have noticed a great increase of Egyptian symbolism throughout media accompanied by a growing crowd of people crying out “Illuminati”. With these ideas in mind I started doing some research into the triangle and its connection to religion.

One of the first discoveries I had made was the tetragrammation:



I found it very intriguing to observe so many different trinities in a variety of religions and discover that Yahweh and Jehovah from the Christian Bible overlapped with the triangle or tetragrammaton while in media I am seeing this “Illuminati triangle”. From my perspective it seemed odd that a shape associated with good to one group of peoples would be used by another group that seemed to reflect a completely opposite ideology… Selfless Vs. Selfish.

After observing some biblical passages that identified astrology is definitely a reality in the Bible, I had the idea to look for heliocentric triangular alignments and checking for anything strange happenings. To my surprise I found out that at least a few people are paying attention to astrology out there and one of them happens to be Miller Genuine Draft Canada.

I found this handy site when looking for some resources to assist my astrological pursuits and noticed an triangular alignment between Jupiter, Saturn and Earth on May 10, 2014 when set to heliocentric. The alignment held for 3 days until May 13, 2014.


Here is where things became interesting….

On May 13, 2014 the final day of the alignment between Jupiter, Saturn and Earth. Miller Genuine Draft released this advertisement which appeared in my Facebook feed on May 13, 2014:

It looks like a certain beer company has their eyes set towards the heavens. Hopefully this isn’t some kind of sorcery because it would hardly be fair play to use magick against an already intoxicated audience.