Our Mission




Ezekiel 33:3 | And he sees the sword coming against the land and blows the trumpet to warn the people…


Our Mission Is To Bring You To The Truth In Christ!

Take this message in right spirit as I write it with compassion but honesty. When I state “the sword is coming”, I am quoting the message from of Ezekiel in the Bible. He was the watchman in Ezekiel 33 and that message holds very true today.

I will be very blunt in saying that I believe we all originate from one God and there is only 1 path to Him through Jesus Christ. I think its important to be quite direct with that but I made this service for peoples of all walks, creeds, colors and faiths to persuade you on that very important point.

Using history, sciences and quoting from countless books outside the Bible I want to share why I came to that conclusion as “blind faith” or cultural upbringing is not how I reached that conclusion… This was a choice made completely free with no influences but my own.

I welcome Atheists and those of other faiths to examine my proposed ideas to look at the big picture I am building because if “truth is truth” I am not concerned with anyones attempts to disprove it or bring different thoughts to the table for consideration. I know the Bible quite well and learn more of it each passing day so I will quote it frequently but I have also studied countless other faiths, mythologies and the occult.

I made this service to create new disciples, share with old disciples and people who do not even know what is a disciple at all. I made this service to educate you all and help you become better servants to Christ even if you are not one presently, I suspect that may change for many if you watch enough of my content.

To any Christians disciples reading this I wlll share that I strongly believe we need keep the 10 Commandments handed down to Moses. Many of you have been taught these laws have been “done away with” but they have not. While I agree we are saved by the grace of God through our faith in Jesus Christ and that no one but Christ could keep the commandments, we must try each day to so. The world is very chaotic at this time and I know many of you are here because you can see that darkness closing in… How could it have ever gotten this dark outside if more of us kept the law?

While my life is certainly not the shining example of a man who has kept that law, it has shown a great deal of transformation. If you are looking for a perfect person, you won’t find one here… Look to Christ for that. What you will find here is someone who has compassion, attempting to emulate the character of Christ and is frustrated with the countless contraditions in this world.

I am here because I am making my stand against the darkness and I welcome anyone to join me on this adventure who has compassion for other people and that will actually stand for what is true. It is not an easy walk to stand up for what is true in this world but we can all be there to support each other as we learn and continue to grow.

I send my blessings to everyone who reads these words in the name of Jesus Christ and I want nothing but the best for you all. I know the truth can offend, the truth can hurt but brothers and sisters across the world, the truth simply is.

I pray that you all succeed,