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Ezekiel 33:3 is a service that creates Christian media such as original videos, podcasts and articles to help bring our audience closer to Jesus Christ. We strive to educate our audience through a deep examination of history, words and comparitive religious studies.

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Bible Study – Exodus 7 – 9Bible Study – Exodus 7 – 9Exodus Chapter 7 – 9

Exodus Chapter 7 – 9

In this Bible Study we look at Exodus 7 - 9. Moses performs miracles on behalf of the LORD while the Pharaoh's heart is continually hardened by the LORD so He can display He is God to all the nations.
Bible Study – Exodus 4 – 6Bible Study – Exodus 4 – 6Exodus Chapter 4 –Exodus Chapter 4 –Exodus Chapter 4 –

Exodus Chapter 4 – 6

In this Bible Study we look at Exodus 4 - 6. The Israelites are under hard bondage from the Egyptian Pharaoh as Moses and Aaron come to speak on behalf of the LORD.
Genesis 48 – 50Genesis 48 – 50

Genesis Chapter 48 – 50

In this Bible Study we look at Genesis 48 - 50. Joseph's brothers and father Jacob make their way to Egypt to live in the land of Goshen where we later see the death of Jacob.
Bible Study – Genesis 36 – 41Genesis Chapter 36 – 41Genesis Chapter 36 – 41Genesis Chapter 36 – 41Bible Study – Genesis 36 – 41

Genesis Chapter 36 – 41

In this Bible study we examine the Book of Genesis from chapter 36 - 41. We will look at Esau who is Edom and his lineage as well as the word chief / duke that follows his children as well as the god Baal.

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The Daemon of Socrates

I am sure most people know the name Socrates but they probably aren't so familiar with the idea that Socrates had a Daemon, a voice that would whisper in his ear...
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