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Ezekiel 33:3 is a service that creates Christian media such as original videos, podcasts and articles to help bring our audience closer to Jesus Christ. We strive to educate our audience through a deep examination of history, words and comparitive religious studies.

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What Is The ApocryphaWhat Is The Apocrypha?What Is The ApocryphaWhat Is The Apocrypha?

What Is The Apocrypha?

So many Protestants swear by the 1611 KJV translations but very few know about the 14 books that existed sandwiched between the Book of Malachi and Book of Matthew.
12 Apostles Thumbnail6. Lawrence’s Embarrassing Harrison Ford Party Storyvp-show-0512 Apostles ThumbnailThe 12 Apostles Of Jesus Christ

The 12 Apostles Of Jesus Christ

What does the word Apostle mean? What is a disciple and what is the difference between the two? A lot of people have heard of these words but they don't really know what they mean so we are going to explore the meaning behind them.

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The Daemon of Socrates

I am sure most people know the name Socrates but they probably aren't so familiar with the idea that Socrates had a Daemon, a voice that would whisper in his ear...
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