The Mystery Religion Of Babylon Is Hiding In Plain Sight

Mystery Relgion

Can you see the Mystery Religion of Babylon?

The real mystery is why most people are unable to see an ideology that hides directly in front of them. Nothing is really hidden, however, your knowledge of these symbols you likely see daily is what keeps you blind. These occult symbols are nothing new and if you believe this is some kind of a trend, what kind of trendy symbols last for over 70 years without the majority of the public having any idea what they mean?

Don’t you find it a bit odd how everyone who lives much better than you with a giant audience seems to be communicating with symbols that go right over your head? Don’t you feel like you are sitting at the children’s table?

I find it amusing when some of these celebrities are questioned about what these symbols mean. Basketball players will claim the “Ok Symbol” position over their eye represents a 3 pointer. If that was the case, what does it mean when a celebrity that isn’t a basketball player uses this symbol such as the Pope? Does anyone even think anymore?

Perhaps this is a religious symbol if the Pope is seen doing it? If so, would it be a 666? 

If you can consciously see these symbols, why not start figuring out what it means instead of letting life pass you by… It’s time to start thinking and free your mind from Babylon. Free your mind from the materialism and find Jesus Christ.

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